Helmsley Walled Garden & Vinehouse Cafe

If you’ve never been to Helmsley Walled Garden and even if you have, June is the time to see at its extravagant best.

Helmsley_Walled_GardenThe garden is run as a charity created by a local woman, Alison Ticehurst, who in 1994 spotted the overgrown wilderness and endeavoured to make it into a garden of healing and therapy. With a team of helpers she succeeded in taming  it and making into a garden for teaching horticultural skills. Alison died in 1999 but her legacy lives on. Today, two horticultural therapists support people to improve their mental and physical health through gardening. They support people feeling depressed, vulnerable and socially isolated. They help people suffering from the early stages of dementia, stroke and loss of sight, young people with special needs and those with mental disabilities. The entrance fee of £6 and the proceeds of the shop all go to support and fund the charity.

The Vinehouse Café is independent (no entrance fee required) and is run by brother and sister duo Molly and Sam Chapman. We haven’t been able to review  it since Will Mowbray left, but we will visit in the spring and report back.

Helmsley Walled Garden is open everyday  26 March to 31st October 10am-5pm (last entry 4.30pm). Admission: £7.50. Free for children under 16.


2 thoughts on “Helmsley Walled Garden & Vinehouse Cafe

  1. Hi there,

    Could I just add to this a big thank for the blog piece but also to say that since you wrote, Will has left and The Vine House Café is now run by brother and sister Molly and Sam Chapman who provide delicious cakes, fabulous drinks -coffee is a speciality but they are also licenced – and seasonal dishes on a regularly changing menu. Do come and see us again and see what you think.

    I would also like to mention that we are open this year from 26th March and that entry to the Garden is £7.50 for adults, free for children under 16.

    • Thank you Tricia for this information. I have updated our blog page and we look forward to visiting the Vinehouse in the spring.

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