RIP Fox & Hounds

We have sadly to report the closure of one of our favourite restaurants, the Fox and Hounds at Goldsborough. Tucked away in a tiny hamlet on a windy clifftop a few miles along the coast from Whitby, it was an impossibly remote location for a brilliant restaurant.

The Fox and Hounds typified everything that Squidbeak tries to celebrate. Jason Davies’ cooking was flawless, with big bold flavours, never over-complicated and with an instinct for ingredients that work together. Sue was the spirited front of house, keeping it all going and supervising an accomplished wine list. We first went there when they were doing Sunday lunch in the sunny garden some ten or twelve years ago. Mandy gave them their first mention in the Sunday Times and we have championed them ever since. We’ve been going regularly and never had a duff meal. We’ll miss them but we know how tough it is running an independent restaurant and we send them every good wish for the future.


7 thoughts on “RIP Fox & Hounds

  1. That’s a great shame!’Final-night-of-the-holiday’ dinners there had become traditional. I hope we’ll see them launch a new venture in the area soon. Will keep an eye out for news in a future Squidbeak post.

  2. Only just heard the devastating news of the closure of the Fox & Hounds. For ten years this has been the highlight of our trips to the coast. We have been to every Michelin star and top restaurant in the North but this was best for the excellence of its cooking, the simplicity of its menu, atmosphere and welcome. Tragic.

    The Musgrave Estate – little more than slave owners.

    • Hi John, Sorry I have no news of Sue and Jason, but as far as I know they have no plans to return in the near future. Of course if we hear anything we will post it here. The F & H has reopened as a pub by the way.

  3. Really sad to hear this , also feel very bad we didn’t get chance to say farewell to our favourite family and their lovely food!
    Hope they see this

  4. Hardly ” slave owners “, the Musgrave Estate are advertising at £15000 leasehold.
    It was Sue and Jason Davies choice to open limited hours with a limited menu. It is hardly surprising they were unable to continue.
    Falling out with the local community does not help

  5. That’s a shame. My wife and I really enjoyed eating there and were just looking Sue and Jason up again now to book a meal. I hope they have found a new home for their talents – hopefully still in Yorkshire!

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