How to Make a Hand Raised Pork Pie

This shaky bit of amateur film we think is a real piece of social history. It dates back to the 1950s when my grandad was making his own cine films. Arthur Edward Rose (or J. Arthur Rose as we liked … Continue reading

Sausages on Film

A few years ago the family came across some cans of old 8mm film shot by my granddad, Arthur Edward Rose, a keen amateur film maker and also a pork butcher, first in Horwich and later in Burnley, Lancashire. Around … Continue reading

Yorkshire Pudding

A quart of milk, five eggs and a pinch of salt, beaten into the flour to make a smooth batter. This is Hannah Glasse’s Yorkshire pudding recipe written in 1747. Remarkable to think that in 265 years of cooking, virtually … Continue reading

Yorkshire Parkin

Parkin, the thick, sticky gingerbread cake made of oatmeal, spices, treacle and butter, is traditionally eaten on November 5th,  Bonfire Night. It dates back many centuries, and is not confined to Yorkshire, but to all parts of the north of … Continue reading

Egton Bridge Old Gooseberry Show

To the village school at Egton Bridge in Eskdale for the famous old Egton Bridge Old Gooseberry Show. It’s a delightfully anachronistic contest that has been held on the first Tuesday in August for the last 200 years.   Gooseberry … Continue reading

Denby Dale Pie

The making of giant pies is a strange Yorkshire compulsion. They’ve been made to celebrate wars won, railways opened and laws reformed.  The whole surreal enterprise of baking the world’s biggest pies has settled half-way between Holmfirth and Barnsley in … Continue reading

Fish in Yorkshire

There’s a long history, an enduring fascination and a rich bounty in the fish to be found in the water in and around Yorkshire. Princess Aelfleda of Whitby Abbey put out to sea in a fishing boat in 654 AD … Continue reading

Curry Capital

There are endless debates about which city is Britain’s curry capital: London, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Glasgow, Rusholme the league table keeps changing, but in  2011 Bradford was crowned once more Curry Capital of Great Britain. With its myriad curry houses, restaurants, … Continue reading

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