Herbs Unlimited

To Herbs Unlimited at Sandhutton this week for their open day at the 90 acre herb farm created and run by the lovely Alison Dodds. After touring ‘the hill’ where the outdoor perennial herbs are grown: chives, sage, mint and … Continue reading

Say Cheese

So what do you do when the kids have left home and you find yourself with time on your hands? Bridge? Pilates? Knitting? No such gentle pastimes for Elizabeth Snowdon. She arrived home one day and announced she was going … Continue reading

Wensleydale Cheese

‘We stand in reverence and awe as we gaze at the ruins of Fountains or Jervaulx, but the true and lasting memorial is not in the stately ruins but in the miles and miles of limestone walls and that peacetime … Continue reading

Yorkshire Crab & Lobster

The rocky shoreline form Staithes to Spurn Point provides some of the best Yorkshire lobster and brown crab in the world. It’s fished by a small fleet of self-employed fishermen who are out every day throughout the spring and summer … Continue reading

A Special Food Historian

This particular ‘Made in Yorkshire’ is actually someone made and moulded by Yorkshire.  Born in Thorne, bred in Outwood and with a career steeped in the social history of Yorkshire, Peter Brears is a man of many parts; food historian,  … Continue reading

Yorkshire’s Sweet Tooth

Yorkshire has always had an exceedingly sweet tooth. The love affair probably dates from when sugar stopped being an expensive luxury reserved for the gentry; probably from 1660 when John Taylor set up his sugar refinery in Skeldergate, York and … Continue reading

Fortune’s Kippers

Not so much ‘Made in Yorkshire’ as ‘smoked in Yorkshire’. The fabulous Fortune’s Kipper Shop in Whitby has been doing just that since 1872 and is now run by the 5th generation, Barry and Derek, with the 6th nipping at … Continue reading

How to Make a Hand Raised Pork Pie

This shaky bit of amateur film we think is a real piece of social history. It dates back to the 1950s when my grandad was making his own cine films. Arthur Edward Rose (or J. Arthur Rose as we liked … Continue reading

Sausages on Film

A few years ago the family came across some cans of old 8mm film shot by my granddad, Arthur Edward Rose, a keen amateur film maker and also a pork butcher, first in Horwich and later in Burnley, Lancashire. Around … Continue reading

Yorkshire Pudding

A quart of milk, five eggs and a pinch of salt, beaten into the flour to make a smooth batter. This is Hannah Glasse’s Yorkshire pudding recipe written in 1747. Remarkable to think that in 265 years of cooking, virtually … Continue reading

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