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I’ve had a soft spot for Riverford Organics ever since they sent me one of their recipe boxes to try. I was a bit reluctant at first – who needs all those plastic pots and ingredients weighed out, but I was impressed. The dishes were delicious and very generous and they recycle all the packaging. When I sent a recipe box to my niece soon after she’d had a baby and was struggling in those first few days, she rated it the ‘best gift ever’.

Last week I was invited to a Vegetable Masterclass and lunch for Riverford customers near the Home Farm at Newby Wiske, where much of the veg is grown. Charming Ben prepared a vegetable and chick pea curry, showed us a good use for kohlrabi (roast it and serve with a spiced carrot and cannellini dip) and my favourite, a rice salad using ‘cured’ spring greens. Amazing what massaging thinly sliced cabbage with lime and salt does for cabbage.

I like their ethics too and I signed up for a veg. box delivery as soon as I got home. No need to commit forever; Riverford allow you to order their veg as and when you need it.

Riverford Organics


Recipe in a Box

There are some perks to this job as you might imagine, eating for a living. One of them was the big box of organic ingredients – everything you need to make three meals for two people – that arrived on the doorstep from Riverford Organic Farms. And while it was lovely to be in receipt of such a massive box of stuff, I do admit to be slightly sceptical of recipe kits. I cook a lot, so my fridge and store cupboard always has garlic, soy sauce, paprika etc. and here I was with little plastic sachets of oregano, caraway seeds, tomato puree, even a few teaspoons of brown sugar – a lot of packaging – but I was willing to give it a go.

Riverford_chicken_sorrelFirst up was baked chicken leg with smashed new potato and sorrel sauce. A nicely designed recipe card, with simple, clear instructions and a good photograph. The recipe involved roasting the chicken legs, boiling then roasting the potatoes with rosemary and adding a white wine, cream and sorrel at the end. Sorrel is so hard to get hold of unless you grow it yourself, so it was welcome in the sauce and in all, an excellent dinner.

The second recipe was sausage and macaroni bake. Good quality pork sausages were skinned and cooked with onions, spinach and double cream then added to cooked macaroni and topped with cheese to be finished in the oven. The third dish was a vegetable mix, spiced with caraway and paprika and served with pappardelle topped with sour cream.

Riverford_sausage_macAll the recipes were easy to follow and good to eat, though top heavy on the cream. Portions were generous and at a pinch, could have served four. Though I was initially doubtful I realized when I described them to my student daughter, who leapt at the idea of having a Riverford recipe box delivered to her flat, (from her mum and dad of course) that there was a place for these good quality recipe boxes. Certainly tastier and more nutritious than a takeaway.   I can also see them being a boon on holiday. Have a box delivered to your self-catering holiday home and you are set up for the first few days at least.

There are three types of boxes: original, vegetarian and quick, priced around £40, which works out at about £6.50 per meal, per person.

T: 01803 762059

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