The Endeavour Sails Again

It was fireworks at the Endeavour Kitchen with B & B at Staithes last night and not just because it was November 5, but the rockets went up from the beach in honour of the re-opening of the Endeavour as the Endeavour Kitchen.

The Endeavour has had a turbulent history. For twelve years it ran gloriously under Lisa Chapman who is still behind a stove but working freelance as To Dine For doing pop up dinners and events. Since her day it’s had a number of incarnations both good and not so good.

Vicky Endeavour

Vicky Dixon outside the new Endeavour Kitchen with the giant pumpkin she carved raising £257 for the RNLI

Based on last night’s opening ‘do’ it promises to be back on track again under Vicky Dixon, who with her partner Matthew Asquith, run the award-winning Whitby Seafish and Smokehouse where they fillet the fish that comes into Staithes and Whitby, dress the crabs, smoke fish and generally  sell lots of good things, so there’s a guarantee of some prime seafood on the Endeavour menu again.

Vicky has refurbished the three bedrooms which look crisp, clean and delightful and last night sent sublime snacks out of the kitchen: pulled pork, mini burgers, fish chowder. If they serve any of these in the coming weeks, we’ll be there.

It’s open 8 til 8 serving breakfast, an all-day menu and into the evening. Good luck to Vicky and her lovely team and watch this space.

Endeavour Kitchen with B & B, 1 High Street, Staithes Tel: 01947 841029



Squid in Staithes

I have never seen a man happier than Matthew Asquith of Whitby Seafish when he won Producer of the Year at the Yorkshire Life awards in September. Not so long ago  his business was down in the dumps. Now it’s bouncing.

I dropped in on Saturday morning to find him experimenting with a Staithes version of Arbroath Smokies and went away with a bag full of haddock, halibut and squid. If you associate squid more with summer on a Greek Island (I did) then I can assure you fresh North Sea squid in November is every bit as good.

Matthew cleaned it and all I had to do was slice into rings, dip in seasoned flour and deep fry. Delicious.

Whitby Seafish Unit 1a Whitegate Close, Staithes, North Yorkshire TS13 5BB

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