Prashad Drighlington

It’s been on the food lover’s radar for more than a dozen years, but if you only know Prashad from the telly (Ramsay’s Best Restaurant 2010, in which it featured and almost won) get yourself down there PDQ.

Kaushy Patel’s been making vegetarian food from her homeland Gujarat since 1990; she began by knocking out ‘roadside snacks’ in her kitchen, and soon built a reputation and a following. Twenty two years on, she worked first alongside her family out of an unglamorous building on a windy corner in downtown Bradford, and last year they relocated to rambling premises on a windy corner of Drighlington.

Never mind that it's huge, they've broken up the space with a number of smaller rooms to give it a more intimate atmosphere. And once a plate of food is in front of you, you'll be blown away.  The Mixed Platter looks amazing, a selection of bite size appetizers, which include Pethis (spiced coconut deep fried in a fluffy potato coating) Hara Bara Kebab (mashed pea and cauliflower, shallow fried) and Dhal Kachori (spiced ground lentil balls, deep fried in chapatti) – all exquisite, light and un-greasy with a depth of flavour that’s surpassed only by what follows.

Special Chaat arrives with the tasting plate; dried samosa topped with puri, potato, chick peas, yogurt and tamarind. These treats are accompanied by Dhokra, a savoury steamed sponge cake, a perfect square of loveliness which launches my taste buds on a journey they’ve never undertaken before. By now our eyes are rolling in their sockets and a new dawn has broken.

Massala Dosa is the crowning glory. It’s a long, thin rice flour tube filled with a ‘lightly spiced potato and onion mixture’ accompanied by lentil soup and coconut chutney. The paper thin crispy casing cracks to the touch, revealing the fragrant curry; the idea is you spoon the soup over it and dip the whole lot in the chutney – utter bliss. Three puri, the consistency of angel’s pillows float across the room to our table. A bowl of Chole arrives; ‘chick peas in an onion sauce with tomato base. This dish caused havoc at Leeds Mela! The aroma is amazing!’ Not going to disagree with that; my soul is being monkeyed around with by the very sight of this extraordinary food.

Prashad means blessed food; the Patel’s meaning is that their love passes to you through the offerings; I’ve rarely felt so beatified, and you should too. I urge you to go. These days it’s best to book, but do it soon. It’s a life experience you don’t want to be without.


137 Whitehall Road, Drighlington, Bradford BD11 1AT

Tel 0113 285 2037

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Type: Restaurant

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2 out of 5

Cuisine type: Asian/Indian

Prashad features in our Top Ten Favourites

Part of Eat West Yorkshire

Review by Mandy, 8 March 2013

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