Eat Me Cafe Scarborough

This 'gastro-caff' has been on the radar for several months (spotted by our Scarborough Scout - thanks, Barbara!) and we've attempted to visit half a dozen times without luck - they were always full - a good sign of course, but frustrating. On the day we finally got to go they'd just moved to their new (and double the size) home just a few hundred yards from the original location. Hooray! There's a cool, eclectic mix of vintage and modern in the happy, buzzy room and at 11 in the morning it's HEAVING. As Barbara observed, there are a hundred caffs in town but everyone's here. 

It's an interesting, comprehensive menu that runs from breakfast via afternoon tea to supper savouries; expect Scottish and Asian influences (owner Steven's from Shetland and his partner's done a lot of travelling) in dishes like Ramen noodles with roast duck and their terrific 'Tin Plate Lunches' which are essentially bags of spiced brown rice topped with, on ours, grilled chicken and chorizo - and cooked in one of those war-time white tin dishes with a blue edge. Very Call the Midwife. Also available, home made handpacked burgers, omelettes, rarebit with bacon and joy of joys, The Shetland Pie. No pony jokes, thank you. How the hell they produce this gorgeous growler for 5 1/2 quid is a mystery. I mean, just look at it! 

I like communal tables; not everyone does. Two people came to sit on ours and fidgeted until a space elsewhere came about. Suit yourself! 

Three nights a week they serve supper - you can't book so fetch up early. And bring a bottle. 

Eat Me Cafe

1 Hanover Rd, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO11 1LS

Tel 01723 373256

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Type: Cafe

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1 out of 5

Cuisine type: Modern British

Part of Eat North Yorkshire

Review by Mandy, 30 May 2015

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